Touch Type Read and Spell (TTRS)


A Computer Based Course for Children and Adults who have spelling and reading difficulties Dyslexia and other learning differences

A series of twenty four courses, each of thirty modules based on Alpha to Omega; they are clearly presented and build up from single words to punctuated sentences.
Each course has at least six dictation modules based on preceding exercises to practise and reinforce learned skills. These are typed by the student with feedback from the computer reinforcing learning.
A kinaesthetic approach (a sensation of movement) is perceived by the student: “When I want to spell a word I just think where my fingers would go - it’s like talking with my fingers.”


The purpose of the course is:

To develop the literacy skills of students who have difficulties in reading, writing or spelling and increase their level of confidence, self esteem and motivation.

Learning is promoted by a multi sensory approach


  • A systematic programme of seeing, listening, speaking and typing
  • Seeing the words written on the screen as they are typed out
  • Hearing the words pronounced as they are typed
  • Student and computer are interactive allowing for immediate self correction of errors and feedback of results
  • The structured TTRS course is finely graded in modules and levels building from words to sentences
  • With each successful module completed the student is encouraged to progress further
  • Students develop their own learning speed, therefore there are no peer group pressures
  • TTRS gives focus and support for a positive learning experience



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